We work with our clients to make educated decisions once best practice options have been identified for the optimal treatment of the patient.

We help our clients think a step ahead of the illness and the proposed treatments to plan for expected side effects. We work towards preventing further illness, injury and infection.

We assist in planning for future needs inside/outside the home regarding  independent/assisted living/nursing home facilities and hospice. We will negotiate on your behalf if desired.

As a family member or friend experiencing someone you care for suffering from a serious health situation, you want to do anything and everything to alleviate symptoms and to stop the disease in its tracks. However, with the minimal time and energy that busy families can allocate this often is not possible without help.

We can help you determine the most critical milestones and prioritize each phase of the condition and recovery. We help you find peace and clarity through the process so that you and your family can internalize that the best care possible is being pursued and given.

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